Modular Building Solutions Ltd

We offer a full design service be it a single cabin or a modular building.

Modular building solutions are able to provide expert advice to ensure the product you are offered is the most cost effective solution to suit your requirements.

We offer a full Turnkey package complete with project management.

With 25 years of experience gained working in the Modular Building industry we realise that customer satisfaction is paramount, therefore from concept to completion you will have the same point of contact ensuring that nothing is lost in transition.

Whether your requirement is for a new stand alone building or an extension to an existing facility we at Modular Building can create a solution for any purpose.

Modular Buildings can be manufactured in a variety of section widths and lengths to achieve your desired layout.

Modular Buildings are a far quicker option than traditional build and often at a far lower cost, with the versatility of being multi-storey and having an array of external finishes Modular Buildings can adapt to many situations giving you a fast track, economical way of achieving your exact requirements.


Manufacture in a factory environment means that most of the delays associated with traditional build – material deliveries, inclement weather, etc- are eliminated, overall timescales are reduced as site works –foundations, services, etc-can run concurrently with the build of the units.

The re-location , expansion and reconfiguration as your circumstances dictate is so much easier with a Modular Building.

Popular applications for Modular Buildings include:-



We are able to supply to suit the size and nature of your project.

Be it a single cabin or a multi-storey multiple unit complex Modular Building Solutions will give you the same customer care and service.

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